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I need help with setting the limits of y-axis on matplotlib. Here is the code that I tried, unsuccessfully.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

plt.figure(1, figsize = (8.5,11))

plt.suptitle('plot title')

ax = []

aPlot = plt.subplot(321, axisbg = 'w', title = "Year 1") ax.append(aPlot)

plt.plot(paramValues,plotDataPrice[0], color = '#340B8C',

marker = 'o', ms = 5, mfc = '#EB1717') plt.xticks(paramValues)

plt.ylabel('Average Price')




With the data I have for this plot, I get y-axis limits of 20 and 200. However, I want the limits 20 and 250.

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For setting the limits of the y-axis on matplotlib you can use the following code which will work for subplots as well:-

axes = plt.gca()



Another way you can do this problem by changing only the y-values:

x1,x2,y1,y2 = plt.axis()


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