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I defined a table as a federated table which refers to a google sheet. It works perfectly well when I query it from the google bigquery web UI. However, if I try to query it using the Tableau Software BigQuery driver, I get the following error message: No suitable credentials found to access Google Drive. Contact the table owner for assistance.

A few facts about my setup:

  1. When I use the BigQuery driver in Tableau, I log in using the same user id that I use when I go into the BigQuery web UI.
  2. Queries from Tableau to a native BigQuery table work fine.
  3. I enabled the google drive api in my cloud account.
  4. The google sheet and google big query account are under the same google user.
  5. I have no problem saving a bigquery query as a google sheet under that account.
  6. I tried sharing the sheet "to anyone that has the URL" and it does not work.

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This is something Tableau should fix. The problem is that when they send a request to BigQuery, they only pass BigQuery API scope. However, they should also request GoogleDrive scope. It can be possible if you had to enable both the Drive API for the project (in addition to BigQuery API), as well as use the BigQuery+Drive scopes and also set the permission manually to the sheets to allow access.

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