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Parity doesn't seem to have any documentation on what it's console output means. At least none that I've found which admittedly doesn't mean a whole lot. Can anyone give me a breakdown of the meaning of the following line?

2018-03-09 00:05:12 UTC Syncing #4896969 61ee…bdad     2 blk/s  508 tx/s  16 Mgas/s    645+    1 Qed  #4897616   17/25 peers      4 MiB chain  135 MiB db   42 MiB queue    5 MiB sync  RPC:  0 conn,  0 req/s, 182 µs


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Hi, the  things mentioned in you line is

  1. Timestamp
  2. latest verified block number
  3. Best block hash
  4. Blocks downloaded per second
  5. Transactions downloaded per second
  6. Millions of gas processed per second
  7. Unverified queue size
  8. Verified queue size
  9. Latest block number
  10. Number of active peer nodes/number of total peer nodes
  11. Blockchain header cache size
  12. Blockchain state cache size
  13. Queue cache size
  14. Node sync metadata cache size
  15. Number of open RPC sessions to your node
  16. RPC requests per second
  17. Approximate roundtrip ping

You can refer the code for more clarifications :

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