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Are there any tools available to show a graphical representation of the things happening in Hyperledger Fabric V1.0 block chain network? Like displaying the peers joined with the networks, indicating if there occurred a successful transaction, etc. Since we doing a presentation about this topic, if I can show something visually, it will give more clarity to every listener who is not much aware of the technical things behind the scene. Currently, I have only the locally setup network and some SDK client who are interacting with the network. But it will not be enough for presenting it effectively. Can anyone suggest something to add for giving a clear picture to end-users?

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Hi, what I'd suggest you is to utilize the eventhub channel and subscribe to block events as a start. Regarding peers that joined the network - right now that's not possible to list the peers in the network by querying a peer.

a possible alternative of visualizing the interaction between Hyperledger Fabric network entities might be to use weaveworks. It creates an application map based on the interaction between Docker containers, allows you to monitor and understand relations.

hope this helps

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