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I am using Azure Functions to build some integrations between various systems. I new requirement is to respond to record updates in Salesforce. Some quick research yielded what seems like a good solution from the Salesforce side. Use Outbound messaging which can send SOAP requests on record modifications.

How to create a Salesforce application that will send a record to external web service when record created/changed(

The challenge now is to be able to create a SOAP listener in Azure Function. I have created basic HTTP Triggers for my other listeners. Is there anything "built-in" to Azure Functions that would allow me to easily consume the incoming SOAP request?

Salesforce has the basics for a solution based on a more traditional web service and an ASMX file but I am not sure if or how that can be applied in Azure Functions. (

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For Integration, change the webHookType property value to sfsoap and save the configuration. Your function.json config should look like the following:



  "bindings": [


      "type": "httpTrigger",

      "direction": "in",

      "webHookType": "sfsoap",

      "name": "req"



      "type": "http",

      "direction": "out",

      "name": "res"



  "disabled": false


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