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I wonder if one could simply use LaTeX \newpage command in R markdown v2 in a different way than this:

```{r, results='asis', echo=FALSE}



I produce pdf_output. If any1 has any idea please do not hesitate to comment :) ! Thanks

I create a pdf like this:


title: " "

author: " "

date: "2014"




         in_header: naglowek.tex

      highlight: pygments

      toc: true

      toc_depth: 3

      number_sections: true

      keep_tex: true


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To add a new page in rmarkdown for knitting a pdf file, you can use the \newpage or \pagebreak as follows:

Your code


```{r, echo=FALSE}

Your code



```{r, echo=FALSE}

Your code


For HTML knitting, you can use the following:

<P style="page-break-before: always">

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