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I am trying to set up a hello world example with AWS lambda and serving it through API gateway. I clicked the "Create a Lambda Function", which set up the API gateway and selected the Blank Function option. I added the lambda function found on AWS gateway getting started guide:

exports.handler = function(event, context, callback) {

  callback(null, {"Hello":"World"});  // SUCCESS with message


The issue is that when I make a GET request to it, it's returning back a 502 response { "message": "Internal server error" }. And the logs say "Execution failed due to configuration error: Malformed Lambda proxy response".

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If the API Gateway expecting format and your Lambda function’s response does not match, you will receive a Malformed Lambda proxy response.


    "isBase64Encoded": true|false,

    "statusCode": httpStatusCode,

    "headers": { "headerName": "headerValue", ... },

    "body": "..."


If you do not want to use Lambda proxy integration, then just log on to API Gateway console and uncheck the box which says the same.

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