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I have just upgraded to VS2015 and I am experiencing an issue I have not seen before. Using an existing solution under source control, I am able to modify files and they get picked up as pending changes ready to check in to TFS.

However, I add a new file (Test.cs as an example in this screenshot), it is not picked up as a new file.

Screenshot of new file vs modified file

I am required to right-click it and click "Add files to Source Control"

Add files to Source Control screenshot

This has never been an issue before. I would like everything I add as a new file to be picked up as a pending change. How can I make this happen? I have not seen this before in previous Visual Studio versions.

I can confirm that this issue is the same on another machine. Also, the new file is not picked up in "Promote Candidate Changes" either.

If I then click "Add file to Source Control", I get this message.

The selected file is ignored - add it anyway?

"The selected file is ignored. Add it to source control anyway?"

My .tfignore file just has a directive to ignore packages, so I don't think this file is the problem.

How can I get my settings back on track?

I have noticed that this only happens to the "Release" branch of my workspace. All other branches behave as expected. Furthermore, if I then take a branch "Release" and call it "Release1", the issue goes away entirely!

Do branches with the specific name "Release" take on any special functionality in TFS?

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You can find the useful information here:

Try using update 2 instead of 3 which shall work fine. 

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