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When, within Visual Studio 2013, I rename a file that is bound to TFS, Visual Studio pauses for around six seconds. When I'm refactoring, for example, this wait is really annoying because it interrupts my flow.

I suspect that when I rename a file it is contacting TFS and doing the rename on the server which is the reason for the pause and my wait (edit - I don't think this is the case because it takes exactly 6 seconds when I don't have internet connectivity). If this is the reason, is there any way to tell VS not to contact TFS until I check-in? If it is not the reason for the slowing down of VS while I rename does anyone have any solutions to quicken up this process?

Edit - further information Visual Studio 2013 with update 2 and the free online version of TFS. The pause occurs with or without internet access. My machine is fairly fast (i5-2520M processor) with an SSD but it is 32 bit with 3gb of ram. I don't have any problems with memory though due to the SSD. In terms of add-ins, I haven't installed any other than the default (I only recently upgraded to VS 2013)

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Check this blog:

Probably you should be using Azure DevOps instead of Visual Studio. 

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