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I am wondering if there exists a site where people can upload their AIs to contest against each other in different board games: Chess, Gomoku, etc.

The site would accept source code of programs (written in some common language), compile it and run the programs against each other. All the programs would have to use some common communication techniques.

My motivation is that I have seen many different Gomoku programs online, and I would like to test the different algorithms against each other. But each one uses different languages and interfaces and I have no way to put them to play against each other.

A common dedicated server, that would play the AIs against each other and keep a global score-board would be tons of fun :)

Does such a server exist?


The best I could find is, but it is still something that I have to download and run on my own computer - I would prefer an existing site where anyone can contribute.

EDIT: Also interesting is It is a Gomoku contest held each year and features a common interface for communication and a lot of existing Gomoku programs. I wish it ran more often than once in a year, though :) The immediate feedback of uploading Your program and seeing the results would be very good.

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General game playing (GGP) is the study of artificial intelligence programs to be able to play more than one game successfully. For numerous games like chess, machines are programmed to play these games using a specially designed algorithm, which cannot be transferred to another context. For example, a chess-playing machine program cannot play checkers. A general game playing system, if properly sketched, would be able to help in other areas, such as in providing intelligence for search and rescue missions.

A general server with a mostly common interface (aside from necessary game-specific differences) would be nice. Uploading your source code and owning the server compile and run it has the nice effect of completely eliminating cheating (entering human moves as if a bot came up with them). But it is only practical for very low time-limit games because of the high CPU requirements each game engine will pin the CPU for the majority of it's allotted time. The weaker or lower the time limits, the more games you can run per day per CPU core.

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