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I'm attempting to output all days within the current week. e.g. for this week, show all days, 05/12/2019 through 05/18/2019 only. when the bot is executed next week, only show days 05/19/2019 through 05/25/2019. My current logic outputs the days for this week, but come tomorrow, the dates for this week will be thrown off. Please see the following

enter image description here

...could I get some help with this please?

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I will suggest you to do this using a VBS script, using Run Script command.

The default week start is Sunday you can change it check:

Pass the day you that you want as a parameter from 0 to 6, and get the data as a return value.

DayNumber: 0 = Sunday ..... 6 = Saturday

InputDate = Date DayNumber = WScript.Arguments.Item(0) Result = DateAdd("d", DayNumber - WeekDay(InputDate, 2), InputDate) WScript.StdOut.Write(Result) 'MsgBox(Result)

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