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I am using R on the Azure machine learning, and I have some problems.

I want to use program R to calculate the difference between two dates, for example, 2014/11/01 and 2014/11/03.

I use the function "strptime" in R to do this thing, it can work on my own computer, but when I want to run the same code on Azure ml, it came out the error.

The error is :

[ModuleOutput] 1: In strptime(x, format, tz = tz) :


[ModuleOutput]   unable to identify current timezone 'C':


[ModuleOutput] please set environment variable 'TZ'


[ModuleOutput] 2: In strptime(x, format, tz = tz) : unknown timezone 'localtime'

I think the problem is that it can't detect the timezone on Azure ml, but I'm not sure.

Is there any way to solve this problem?

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The problem is that Azure will detect the CSV automatically. And it regards the date string as the date form. So you can't use the original R code to show the same output.

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