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I'm aware of how to create a dual-axis chart using two different measures for the Y-axis. Is there a way for me to create a dual-axis chart using the same measure but on two different ranges in the dual-axis? For example, I have a column which contains revenue, I want to create a dual-axis chart where one axis has revenue for the Year 2013, and the other with revenue for the Year 2014.

my aim is to create a line chart for revenue Year 2013, and bar chart for revenue Year 2014, on the same chart. See picture below is what I have done to have FY13 and FY14 values for each month and running monthly cumulative.

enter image description here

Now what I wanted to do is to have the two FY13 bar charts to be line charts superimposed on their corresponding FY14 bar charts.

I attach also my Tableau workbook that creates the charts above in the first tab.

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  • Yes, this is possible.

  1. Drop the measure in the row shelf.

  2. Now, Grab the same measure with the Control key pressed and drop it again on the row shelf.

  3. You will have two instances of the same measure on the row shelf.

  4. Now, Right-Click the second measure on the row shelf and click the dual axis.

  5. Now, Right-Click t the axis on the worksheet and Edit axis to your choice.

  • Create 2 calculated fields:

  1. If [FY] = "FY13" then [Value] end

  • call it- 2013 and

  1. If [FY] = "FY14" then [Value] end

  • call it- 2014

Then just do as I have done in this image.

enter image description here

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