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I installed and created some reports in tableau using static excel and web data connector, installed tableau shows Odata, Google Sheet and Web data connector are used for data connection.

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I want to draw dynamic charts based on database values. So how can I connect tableau with MySql.

I am using "Tableau Public 10.0" version

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  • Mysql connectors are only available on the paid professional version. For the Data sources, public version from the website are below:

Data Sources

  • Google Sheets

  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or later

  • Microsoft Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket

  • OData

  • Text files - comma-separated value (.csv) files

  • Statistical Files; SAS (.sas7bdat), SPSS (.sav), and R (*.rdata, *.rda)

  • Web Data Connectors

See here for the full list:

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