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My company has been using Jira for production issue tracking for the last 6~8 years and as a result, there is a huge amount of production issue details logged in our Jira.

Usually, each Jira ticket for any production support issues consists of some useful information such as:

  • Error Message

  • System Involved

  • Root Cause

  • Resolution

  • Time Taken

  • etc

My company has its own team chat service that supports the Chatbot API in Java/ Python/ etc. I would like to build the smart chatbot (if not AI) that is smart enough to exchange conversation like this in the chatroom:

DevOps) Hey Jirabot, what do you know about this error message? [xyzvxc exception occurred at line 82...]

Jirabot) Hi there, in which systems did this occur? Can you choose one of the following?

  1. System A

  2. System B

DevOps) 1

Jirabot) Right, it looks like following Jira tickets have experienced similar issues... please check the following tickets.

  1. Jira-12zx

  2. Jira-52123zz

  3. Jira-vvvbbb

I would like to ask people with experiences in implementing something similar to this or have any relevant experience in ML / Neural Network / Natural Language Processing the following questions.

1. Is this even possible for non-NPL Experts? Do you think it would be possible to build something like this for the software engineer with 8 years of experience with advanced beginner skills in Machine Learning? (Advanced Beginner in Dreyfus skill model)

I work for a company that is known for difficult programming interview questions. And I have about 8 years of extensive programming skills and have completed Andrew Ng's machine learning course honestly and with good marks. I am in the middle of (halfway) completing the Deep Learning course in Udacity and from the course, I am learning to work with Tensorflow.

2. What frameworks/technologies can I use? If you think it is possible, what frameworks/technologies do you recommend I look for? Or is there any example of something similar if not exactly the same?

3. If not possible, what area should I focus on? If you think it is practically NOT possible for a pure developer to build on, then how and what areas can I focus on improving to be able to build one?

Many Thanks, guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chatbots are nothing but a piece of code like any other software written in a programming language. Bots are blended with a natural language understanding model in the backend.

So your code can thus interact with JIRA via Jira Cloud REST API. Develop the logic which interacts with this API over HTTP methods to GET and POST data.

The Jira REST API enables you to interact with Jira programmatically. Use this API to develop apps, script interactions with Jira, or develop any other type of integration. This link documents the REST resources available in Jira Cloud, including the HTTP response codes and example requests and responses.

If you wish to learn more about Natural Language Processing then visit this NLP Tutorial.

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