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Using git I made something like this

git clone

git checkout {a rev number tree rev before} (here I started to be in a detached head state)


git commit


git commit

(some commit where made on origin/master)

git pull (which does complete because there was some error due to the fact that I'm no more on master)

Because it said to me that I can still commit when in a detached head state, I did so. But now I want to like merge my detached head branch and my local master branch, and then push my bunch of changes to origin/master.

So my question is how could I merge the master branch with my actual state (detached head.

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If you’ve made some commits in the detached head then if you need those commits on your master. For that, all you need is to create a new branch and merge it to master and then delete the branch. For that you can do:

git branch temp

Now checkout to master

git checkout master

Merge the branch

git merge temp 

This will update your master with the commit files or commits.

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