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Does anybody know where I can get the XML Schema for Tableau Workbooks, Data Extracts, and Data Sources?

I know I could reverse engineer using existing report files but I will not get all the possible values for the different complex data types. I am also aware that Tableau Software does not encourage to edit the files directly, but it's just an experiment I am trying to do.

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  • You can use python to parse the xml.

  • i have coded it to retrieve all your information example code

  • You could iterate through required elements like loop through required element

import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET

tree = ET.parse(filename)

XML_datasources = tree.findall('datasources')

XML_val = XML_datasources[0].iter('datasource')

for item in XML_val:

    name = item.get('name')

  • There will be multiple nested items parsing

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