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Why is there no tutorial online about replicating R's basic cor() function in tableau? All I can find are tutorials to visualize correlations of values by dimension. I just want to see how all variables in my data are correlated to each other.

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The simplest way to solve this problem is with the introduction of Tableau 9.0, you can load .RData files directly into Tableau. Here is how you go about it:

1) Simply save() your correlation matrix as an .RData file. 

2) Connect Tableau to the .RData file 

3) Put "Measure Names" in the Columns field & "Rownames" in the Rows field. 

4) Set Marks from "Automatic" to "Square"

 5) Drag "Measure Values" over the "Color" Marks category

With the new R integration, this is very much simpler than any solution.

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