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I did not find how to make use of add parameter when we use DB-sql commands in the process of using run stored procedure in AA client widget. I used the parameter but could not find where to assign value to this parameter in the wizard. Please share an example if possible with snapshot.

Thanks in Advance

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you should run stored procedure, and export to csv file.

Stored Procedure:

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp1] ( @p1 VARCHAR(50), @p2 INT )

You can take database command and select “Run Stored Procedure” In procedure name you can pass parameter as variable like this


a1 and a2 are variables added in variable manager. (right side menu of client editor widget)

If param1 value is integer you can pass it like sp1($param1$,'$param2$').

For string parameter you need to put single quote.

($a1$ is variable, 2 is fix integer value: p1 will get value of a1, p2 will get 2)

enter image description here

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