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I want to read all the unRead mails from the mail using "Email Automation Command" and extract the 'from mail', 'subject' and insert into the excel sheet. I am able to read all the unRead mails from mail and subject but here each mail data is inserted into the separate excel file. How can i create the excel file dynamically in Automation Anywhere. Anyone help me.Thanks in Advance.

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your question can be subdivided as  Creating an Excel file , you can use either VBscript or use csv file 

  and for Reading and writing from Email.

follow the steps 

  • Open spreadsheet
  • Loop through Read mail
  • go to begining of row of active cell
  • set value of active cell{from}
  • go to one cell right to active
  • set value of active cell{subject}
  • go to one cell down
  • end loop

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