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What is the best way to merge the two Lists below in Apex or VisualForce? The data is related, but cannot be queried together, so I need to combine the two Lists.

Things to note:

  1. The two lists: the additionalInfoQuestionMaps is the parent List and the additionalInfoQuestionAvailableResponses is the child. There can be 1 to many children.

  2. I need to join the Lists on the Question_Type_Info__c object.

Basically its a set of Questions coming from the Parent List, then I need to associate possible answers to those questions such as Yes and No that reside in the Child List. Those results will be displayed on a VF page in a form.

public with sharing class mytest {

    public List<Questions__c> additionalInfoQuestionMaps {get;set;}

    public List<Available_Question_Answer_Options__c> additionalInfoQuestionAvailableResponses {get;set;} 

    public List<retrieveMergedQuestionList> retrieveMergedQuestionLists {get;set;}

    public String buildId {get;set;}

    public Build__c build {get;set;}

    public mytest() {

        buildId = 'a1DV00000001BBBBBB';

        build = sharedfile.getBuild(buildId);





    public void updateAdditionalInfoQuestionMaps() {

            additionalInfoQuestionMaps = new List<Questions__c>([SELECT Id, Name, 




                             (select Response__c from Responses_Object__r),  



                    FROM Questions__c                

                    WHERE Associated_Product__c = :build.Associated_Product__c 

                    ORDER BY Sort_Index__c, Label__c]);


    public Set<Id> additionalInfoFieldValueIds = new Set<Id>();

    public void updateAdditionalInfoFieldValueIds(){

        for (Questions__c aimb : additionalInfoQuestionMaps) {




    public void updateAdditionalInfoQuestionAvailableResponses() {

            additionalInfoQuestionAvailableResponses = new List<Available_Question_Answer_Options__c>([select Id,

                        Field_Value__c, Question_Type_Info__c

                        from Available_Question_Answer_Options__c

                        where Question_Type_Info__c IN :additionalInfoFieldValueIds]);



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Just tasking a stab at it-  in effect your "additionalInfoFieldValueIds" list is polymorphic;

I'd just add the other objects to the list;

for(iidx=0; iidx < additionalInfoQuestionAvailableResponses.size(); iidx++)


...  And then test what type of object it is;

String aiqar_prefix = Schema.SObjectType.Questions__c.getKeyPrefix();

for(Available_Question_Answer_Options__c aiqar: additionalInfoQuestionAvailableResponses) {

  String aiqar_id = aiqar;


  System.debug('this is a Questions__c object');


  else { // you should be more vigilant about testing here...

    System.debug('this is a Available_Question_Answer_Options__c object');


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