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I am using Salesforce for my CRM, but need to query data (multiple records, so no Zapier) for a Heroku based Sinatra app. Heroku provides a service that replicates Salesforce objects to Postgres tables regularly which gets my data out of Salesforce.

I've coded a Sinatra app before and hosted it on Heroku so I'm a bit familiar with the process of setting up a dev db locally then pushing it to production via the many tutorials. However, i'm running into an issue finding any information that will allow me to connect to the existing production Postgres DB that already is populated with the data I need while having no need to create and connect to a local dev db.

Heroku provides me with the following enter image description here

How and where to I plug in these various credentials securely so my following files have the right information to connect to tables Venue__c and Spaces__c?
- database.yml
- environments.rb

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Well, Heroku has a great tutorial which not only connects to the replicated database but is also written for Sinatra.

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