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I have created a simple URL action that loads an image when one clicks on a name. I have a dashbaord with two sheets and an webpage between them. The first sheet shows the stats of a particular name. The second sheet is a table of names being used as a filter to control what stats and webpage are shown. The webpage is an image link that shows a picture that corresponds to the name. I am using a URL action that pulls the full image link from the data file.

When I create the dashboard on my own computer the images show up with no issues. However, when I published online through Tableau Public the images do not show up. I am not getting an 'X' or 'image not found' error but just a blank white square.

Does this have something to do with the version I am using (Tableau 8.2 Public Professional Edition) or is there another issue I am not realizing.

Any guidance would be most appreciated.

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  • This is an issue with embedding non-secure (http) URLs on a site with https (tableau public runs on

  • Create the calculated field that changes your URL value from:




  • In the workbook,You can see the calc. it is: replace([Img], "http", "https")


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