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Is it possible to retrieve the value of the base URL from inside a Selenium script (a plain HTML-saved script from Selenium IDE)?

What I'm trying to do is verify the current URL using assertLocation. But assertLocation returns the absolute URL. I would like to compare the current URL to a relative URL without having to use an * at the start of the URL.

I'd like to have access to the base string because I want to be able to run the tests on different sites (various dev sites + production site), but if I use the * I can not check for the root page (*/ would be true for each page that ends with a /...)

This is what I currently do:

|assertLocation | */some-page | |

This is what I'd like to do:

|assertLocation | baseURL + "/some-page" | |

Note: is it even possible to:

use a variable in the target;

concatenate a variable and a string?

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You can also open your base page and use storeLocation to put the current location into a variable. Use the below code:




By corresponding SSL URL.l|storeEval|window..toString().replace(new RegExp("^http://([^:]+):80"), "


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