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When I run Hyperledger Composer Project runner this is the error I get I also get the same error when I use node-red hyperledger composer nodes in node-red. But I am able to create blocks using Swagger API which is generated by the REST API created by Hyperledger composer.

Error: Error trying login and get user Context.

Error: EACCES: permission denied, open '/Users/amarjeetsinghmundi/.composer-credentials/0e69a271fc424d83045600059f44aa23d06eefba78c8acf660f0da5e5397309b-pub' at client.getUserContext.then.then.catch (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/generator-hyperledger-composer/node_modules/composer-connector-hlfv1/lib/hlfconnection.js:292:34)

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This seems like some sort of Linux permissions issue (e.g. running or installing npm modules using sudo).

You should not use sudo when performing npm install or running composer commands.

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