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I want to copy a file in the s3 bucket using python.

Ex: I have a bucket name = test. And in the bucket, I have 2 folders named "dump" & "input". Now I want to copy a file from local directory to S3 "dump" folder using python... Can anyone help me?

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Try this code:

import boto

import boto.s3

import sys

from boto.s3.key import Key





bucket_name = AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID.lower() + '-dump'

conn = boto.connect_s3(AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID,




bucket = conn.create_bucket(bucket_name,



testfile = "replace this with an actual filename"

print 'Uploading %s to Amazon S3 bucket %s' % \

   (testfile, bucket_name)


def percent_cb(complete, total):





k = Key(bucket)

k.key = 'my test file'


    cb=percent_cb, num_cb=10)

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