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I am using CassandraSQLContext from spark-shell to query data from Cassandra. So, I want to know two things one how to fetch more than 20 rows using CassandraSQLContext and second how do Id display the full value of column. As you can see below by default it append dots in the string values.

Code :

val csc = new CassandraSQLContext(sc)
val maxDF = csc.sql("SQL_QUERY" )


|                  id|               Col2|              Col3|                Col4|
|8wzloRMrGpf8Q3bbk...|             Value1|                 X|                  K1|
|AxRfoHDjV1Fk18OqS...|             Value2|                 Y|                  K2|
|FpMVRlaHsEOcHyDgy...|             Value3|                 Z|                  K3|
|HERt8eFLRtKkiZndy...|             Value4|                 U|                  K4|
|nWOcbbbm8ZOjUSNfY...|             Value5|                 V|                  K5|

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In order to print the whole value of a column, in scala, you have to set the argument truncate from the show method to false :

and if you wish to show more than 20 rows, do something like this:

// example showing 30 columns of 

// maxDf untruncated, false) 

For pyspark, you'll need to specify the argument name : = False)

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