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  1. I built a form in salesforce and added it to my site. The whole goal of this is that the form on my site submits to salesforce.
  2. I want to add server-side validation to my form as I have on other forms on my site.
  3. Salesforce uses a weird name for drop-down lists that often starts with a number. In my case, the drop-down list input name="33N80563003V2aX"

This is giving me an issue because, as I understand it, the name of the property in my model has to match the name of the input control on the .aspx page. However, I can't have the name of my property start with a number.

//In my .aspx page: 


<%= Html.TextBox("name", Model.Name, new { tabindex = 1 })%>

Type of Issue: 

<%= Html.DropDownList("33N80563003V2aX", Model.33N80563003V2aX, "--None--", new { tabindex = 2 })%>

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We build an alike solution interfacing .NET along with This can be implemented in two ways. One is to post directly to and other is to proxy the request. Since you are proxying the request, your form doesn't have to match requirements at all.

You need to collect all the data, then use the .NET HTTP objects compile a post to with whatever param names they require. You can then call your dropdown "glurm" or whatever you want, as you'll be repackaging the data for sending to

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