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How to pass jquery value result into visualforce code for example:

My jquery code is:

$j('[id$=submit]').on("click", function(){

 var output = [], $jselects = $j(".container .row .span6 #form-details select"), i;

 for (i=0; i < $jselects.length; i += 2)

    output.push($jselects.eq(i).find("option:selected").text() +

                ":" + $jselects.eq(i+1).find("option:selected").text());


When I click this id, the output values are generated like b:b,s:s,a:a This values are stored into a variable as output

Here is my visualforce code:

<apex:commandButton id="submit" action="{!myMethod}" value="Submit" styleClass="btn btn-primary" reRender="block">

  <apex:param name="myParam" value="output"/>


When I press the id submit, get the output value from jquery and it will be set in the place of outputin <apex:param name="myParam" value="output"/> this line. Here the output text is generated, but I need to know how to send that value inside this <apex> code.

Is it possible or not...?

Appreciate for your answer...

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Use the RemoteAction like this: 

In JavaScript:



           function(result, event){

              //the result of your apex code



In Apex:


public static string yourfunction(String your_data) {

    // do your stuff

    return result;


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