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I am lost on how to implement a full revoke functionality on Hyperledger Fabric Node SDK. Is there a way of grabbing a generated CRL and updating the MSP folder or configuration block in a network using Hyperledger Fabric node SDK? I am trying to revoke a certificate, generate a CRL and then update the configuration blocks, and is this last part that I am unsure of how to proceed.

As far as I know, this is the flow that I should follow:

  • revokeFabricUser
  • generateCRL
  • fetchConfigBlock
  • createConfigUpdatePayloadWithCRL
  • updateConfigBlock
  • queryAsRevokedUser (this should fail)

I can find options for both revoking and generating CRL but I can´t seem to find anything about how to use the CRL to update the network. Is there a way of doing this whole process using Node SDK? Thanks for any help.

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Hi, The node js SDK does not yet support the genCRL option, it's sad because it's so easy.

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