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I am trying to use AdaBoostClassifier with a base learner other than a decision tree. I have tried SVM and KNeighborsClassifier but I get errors. Can someone point out the classifiers that can be used with AdaBoostClassifier?

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There is a way to find out all the base learners supported by AdaBoostClassifier. A compatible base learner's fit method needs to support sample_weight, which can be obtained by running following code:

import inspect

from sklearn.utils.testing import all_estimators

for name, clf in all_estimators(type_filter='classifier'):

    if 'sample_weight' in inspect.getargspec(clf().fit)[0]:

       print name


AdaBoostClassifier, BernoulliNB, DecisionTreeClassifier, ExtraTreeClassifier, ExtraTreesClassifier, MultinomialNB, NuSVC, Perceptron, RandomForestClassifier, RidgeClassifierCV, SGDClassifier, SVC.

If the classifier doesn't uses predict_proba, you will have to simply set AdaBoostClassifier parameter algorithm = 'SAMME'.

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Hope this answer helps you!

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