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#training the model

model_1_features = ['sqft_living', 'bathrooms', 'bedrooms', 'lat', 'long']

model_2_features = model_1_features + ['bed_bath_rooms']

model_3_features = model_2_features + ['bedrooms_squared', 'log_sqft_living', 'lat_plus_long']

model_1 = linear_model.LinearRegression()[model_1_features], train_data['price'])

model_2 = linear_model.LinearRegression()[model_2_features], train_data['price'])

model_3 = linear_model.LinearRegression()[model_3_features], train_data['price'])

# extracting the coef

print model_1.coef_

print model_2.coef_

print model_3.coef_

If I change the order of the features, the coef are still printed in the same order, hence I would like to know the mapping of the feature with the coeff

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Once you will trained your model, you would know the order of the coefficients:

model_1 = linear_model.LinearRegression()[model_1_features], train_data['price'])

print(list(zip(model_1.coef_, model_1_features)))

You will get to know the coefficients and the correct feature.

If you want to reuse the coefficients later you can also put them in a dictionary:

coef_dict = {}

for coef, feat in zip(model_1.coef_,model_1_features):

    coef_dict[feat] = coef

Hope this answer helps you! Thus, for more details study the Linear Regression Python.

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