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I am in the process of converting a few of my ssrs reports into tableau. I created a tabular model worksheet which shows a Comparison of budget & actual amount in region, district, year wise. I have added region, district in row shelf and budget & actual amounts in text shelf.

enter image description here

Now I need to show Budget & actual amounts in a different color. Also, I need to add a legend for each text's colors. Please help how to do this tableau.

Thanks for the help

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  • You need to place the Measure Values measure in the Text card instead. So that it would  allow you to use the Measure Names dimension in the Color card. 


  • You will need to filter on Measure Names to make sure you only include those two measures.

  • Also, I added Measure Names to the Rows section, but unchecked Show Header so that the numbers are vertically stacked.

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