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How do I get Selenium WebDriver to scroll to a particular element to get it on the screen. I have tried a lot of different options but have had no luck. Does this not work in the c# bindings?

I can make it jump to a particular location ex 

((IJavaScriptExecutor)Driver).ExecuteScript("window.scrollTo(0, document.body.scrollHeight - 150)"); 

But I want to be able to send it to different elements without giving the exact location each time.

public IWebElement Example { get { return Driver.FindElement(By.Id("123456")); } }

Ex 1)

  ((IJavaScriptExecutor)Driver).ExecuteScript("arguments[0].scrollIntoView(true);", Example);

Ex 2)

  ((IJavaScriptExecutor)Driver).ExecuteScript("window.scrollBy(Example.Location.X", "Example.Location.Y - 100)");

When I watch it, it does not jump down the page to the element, and the exception matches the element being off screen.

Update: I added an bool ex = Example.Exists(); after it and checked the results. It does Exist (its true). Its not Displayed (as its still offscreen as it has not moved to the element) Its not Selected ?

Someone is seeing success By.ClassName. Does anyone know if there is a problem with doing this By.Id in the c# bindings?

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You can use Actions class to perform scrolling to web elements.

var element = driver.FindElement("element-id"));

Actions actions = new Actions(driver);



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