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In my project I create a py function for check and modify my google calendar like this:

def main(event, context):

    ck_app = check(event['calID'], event['datada'], event['dataa'])

    if not ck_app: insert(event['calID'], event['datada'], event['dataa'], event['email'])

    return {

        "isBase64Encoded": False,

        "statusCode": '200',

        "headers": {},

        "body": {'input': event,

                 'busy': ck_app,

                 'guest_email': event['email']}   


when I test it on my lambda all done, but when I create an API from lambda:


and test it the result is:

Wed Dec 20 13:35:58 UTC 2017: Execution failed due to configuration error: Malformed Lambda proxy response Wed Dec 20 13:35:58 UTC 2017: Method completed with status: 502

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A JSON body is expected by API Gateway, so do this:

import json

return {

    'statusCode': 200,

    'body': json.dumps({'input': event,

                        'busy': ck_app,

                        'guest_email': event['email']})


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