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I have uploaded a Directory to hadoop cluster that is having "," in its name like "MyDir, Name" when I am trying to delete this Directory by using rmr hadoop shell command as following

hadoop dfs -rmr hdfs://host:port/Navi/MyDir, Name

I'm getting the following messages rmr: cannot remove hdfs://host:port/Navi/MyDir,: No such file or directory. rmr: cannot remove Name: No such file or directory.

However I have successfully deleted other Directories from the same location, using the same command i.e.

hadoop dfs -rmr hdfs://host:port/dir_path

any solutions to delete such kind of Directories.

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In your question the problem is not with the comma, the problem arises because of the space after the comma. Just place your arguments inside the quotes as given below:

hadoop fs -rm -r hdfs://host:port/Navi/MyDir\,\ Name

I hope your directory will be removed successfully.

If you want more information regarding the same, refer to the following video tutorial:

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