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I'm working on Corda on Azure Cloud.

I have deployed a Corda blockchain (4 nodes, 1 notary and 1 network manager) in Corda 2.0.

I have tried to follow the tutorial https://docs.corda.net/azure-vm.html.

When I go to http://(public IP address):10004/, I don't see my Cordapps.

I have 2 installed (jar files in /opt/corda/plugins) on each node: corda-finance (already installed by Azure) and yo!app (version M11)

I see :


Installed CorDapps

No installed custom CorDapps.

If I go to http://(public IP address):(port)/web/yo, I have :

Corda O=Organisation 2 (Corda 2.0.0), L=London, C=GB


Problem accessing /web/yo. Reason:

 Not Found

    Powered by Jetty:// 9.4.7.v20170914


Do anyone know why?

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HI, actually The yo!app version M11 doesn't work for Corda V2.  update version of yo!app on https://explore.corda.zone/, you can upload it on your node in the pluging folder with

wget http://ci-artifactory.corda.r3cev.com/artifactory/cordapp-showcase/yo-4.jar

strangely the "
corda-finance.jar" file don't seem to work, either the jar file is also outdated or it is not a "real" cordapps and thus , it doesn't appear on the web-service page.

hope this helps

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