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I want to train CNN for cifar10 datasets but got this error Error when checking input: expected conv2d_10_input to have shape (3, 32, 32) but got array with shape (32, 32, 3)

this is my CNN model

epochs = 10 batch_size = 32, Y_train, validation_data=(X_test, Y_test), epochs=epochs, batch_size=batch_size, verbose = 1)

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Here, the format of dataset is (Height, Width, Channel) and  the format which the model is expecting is (Channel, Height, Width).

So, using the tf.transpose() function we can switch around the dimensions of a tensor.

For converting a single image tensor from HWC to CHW:

reshaped = tf.transpose(image_tensor, (2,0,1))

And for converting a batch:

reshaped = tf.transpose(images_tensor, (0,3,1,2))

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