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In tableau, I have a dashboard that contains four different sheets, each of which come from different data sources. However, they all have the same field Field in common. Currently, when I want to filter each graph from the different data sources in the dashboard, I have to use the dropdown box to filter each one by Field individually. This is inefficient because each time I filter one graph, I also need to filter for the other three graphs. And since I am using a live connection to a data server, each time that I filter a graph, I need to wait ~30 seconds, totaling a ~2 minute wait for all four graphs.


Is there a way in Tableau that I can cause the filter for one graph to trigger the same filter on the same field on the other three graphs? If so, how would I do this?

What I have tried:

So far, I have tried exploring the Dashboard > Actions menu, but have not been able to figure out how to achieve this. I have also read through the Tableau Online Help to no avail.

Thank you in advance for any help that you can offer.

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  • In Tableau 9, filters can only affect one data source, so you need to do a little more work to accomplish your goal. The options are:

    • You can use a parameter instead of showing a filter control on your dashboard. Generally, Parameters are associated with the workbook, not a specific data source. Then reference that parameter inside a calculated field in each data source you wish to impact. Put the calculated fields on the filter shelves of the worksheets you wish to control. This is a very flexible approach, but parameters can only take a single value at a time -- so it doesn't allow multiple selections in your filter unless you define a parameter value to represent specific combinations.

    • You can use a dashboard filter action so that actions on one worksheet trigger filters on other worksheets. This approach allows for multiple selections. I suggest you specifying "Selected Fields" in the Target Filter section while defining filter actions if there is any confusion. Pay attention to both the field names and data source names when setting them up.

  • In Tableau 10, filters can affect related data sources

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