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I'm trying to visualize the SO Developer Survey in Tableau. I have a side-by-side stacked bar chart. On the x-axis I have job satisfaction, separated by gender. (So, columns: job satisfaction, gender, both are dimensions). On the y-axis I have "most important aspect of a job opportunity" (So, rows: measure values, with each value being a COUNT).

I would like each bar to total to 100% so for each value in measured values I have set the quick table calculation to "Percent of Total" and am computing using cell, but when I do so, every value appears to be equal/100% within the bars.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Each value should be some percentage, all totaling up to 100%.

I was trying to follow this tutorial: http://kb.tableau.com/articles/howto/stacked-100-percent-bar-chart

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  • Percent of total computed by cell will always give you 100%. Tableau is telling you that each cell represents 100% of the value for that cell. You will need to change your compute using to get the correct answer.

  • Here is an example using the "superstore" data set that ships with Tableau. To calculate the percentage breakdown for each region I use the Percent of total table calculation and calculate it by "Pane" which means that the percentage is showing me a value per region (so, "technology" represents 33.999% of sales in the "central" region)

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