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I have a Numpy array consisting of a list of lists, representing a two-dimensional array with row labels and column names as shown below:

data = array([['','Col1','Col2'],['Row1',1,2],['Row2',3,4]])

I'd like the resulting DataFrame to have Row1 and Row2 as index values, and Col1, Col2 as header values

I can specify the index as follows:

df = pd.DataFrame(data,index=data[:,0]),

however I am unsure how to best assign column headers.

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Here, specify the data, index, and columns to DataFrame constructor:

>>> pd.DataFrame(data=data[1:,1:],    # values

...              index=data[1:,0],    # 1st column as index

...              columns=data[0,1:])  # 1st row as the column names

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