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Is it an only option to list all the arguments up to 22 as shown in documentation?

Anyone figured out how to do something similar to this?


sc.udf.register("func", (s: String*) => s......

(writing custom concat function that skips nulls, had to 2 arguments at the time)

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Just note that UDFs don't support varargs* but you can pass an arbitrary number of columns wrapped using an array function:

import org.apache.spark.sql.functions.{udf, array, lit}

val myConcatFunc = (xs: Seq[Any], sep: String) => 

  xs.filter(_ != null).mkString(sep)

val myConcat = udf(myConcatFunc)

An example usage:

val  df = sc.parallelize(Seq(

  (null, "a", "b", "c"), ("d", null, null, "e")

)).toDF("x1", "x2", "x3", "x4")

val cols = array($"x1", $"x2", $"x3", $"x4")

val sep = lit("-"), sep).alias("concatenated")).show

// +------------+

// |concatenated|

// +------------+

// |       a-b-c|

// |         d-e|

// +------------+

With raw SQL:


sqlContext.udf.register("myConcat", myConcatFunc)


    "SELECT myConcat(array(x1, x2, x4), '.') AS concatenated FROM df"


// +------------+

// |concatenated|

// +------------+

// |         a.c|

// |         d.e|

// +------------+

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