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This is the link of my visualization: My dashboard

In the tab "Cursos por ciclo", I would like to know how to remove the option "PTJE.TOTAL" from the filter "CURSO".

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  • You can do this by creating a new calculated field.

  • Now, right-click on CURSOR and select "create calculated field" then use this formula:

IF left([CURSO], 4) <> "PTJE" THEN [CURSO] END

  • Basically, this means: if the value does not start with "PTJE" then include it.

  • Then you can use the new calculated field as a filter, you will see that it does not include the "PTJE. TOTAL" value (it has been replaced with nulls now). So when you apply a quick filter the "PTJE. TOTAL" value won't appear.

  • Note: Normally I'd use something simpler like:


but that is not working with your data for some reason.

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