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I am aware of the duplicates of this question:

These questions are interested in how the algorithm actually works. My question is more like: Let's assume Google did not exist or maybe this feature did not exist and we don't have user input. How does one go about implementing an approximate version of this algorithm?

Why is this interesting?

Ok. Try typing "qualfy" into Google and it tells you:

Did you mean: qualify

Fair enough. It uses Statistical Machine Learning on data collected from billions of users to do this. But now try typing this: "Trytoreconnectyou" into Google and it tells you:

Did you mean: Try To Reconnect You

Now this is the more interesting part. How does Google determine this? Have a dictionary handy and guess the most probably words again using user input? And how does it differentiate between a misspelled word and a sentence?

Now considering that most programmers do not have access to input from billions of users, I am looking for the best approximate way to implement this algorithm and what resources are available (datasets, libraries etc.). Any suggestions?

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