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I was working in my sandbox environment trying to figure out the Chatter API calls - I had saved my refresh token during my testing but it was lost sometime later.

Now when I try to hit the API I am receiving the following error:

"expired access/refresh token"

How do I get around this now? I do not have a refresh token so I cannot make a request to refresh my token, and I'm not sure how to expire/delete/ revoke it via the UI so that I can proceed with my testing.

my cUrl call is as follows:


    --form client_id=3MVG92.u...2KycWe

    --form client_secret=668...930

    --form grant_type=password


    --form password=*#()@*#$@

    --proxy --insecure 

Things I have tried:

  • Reset my password
  • Delete remote access and create a new one with new client_id / secret
  • Reset my security token

Does anyone know how to expire the token or get a new refresh token via the API or UI in Salesforce?

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In order to reverse access from the UI, click on the following in the menu at the top right of Salesforce: 

Your Name | Setup | My Personal Information | Personal Information and clicking Deny

More info here:

What scope are you using? If you specify a scope (like 'api'), you'll need to explicitly request a refresh token by also specifying 'refresh token' in your scope (space delimited). More info on scopes here:

You'll need to use '' as your callback URL in your app configuration.

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