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The situation now: I have a data warehouse job profile that publishes .txt file in Data folder every day in the morning. I open Tableau workbook which automatically updates data visualizations because of union I made. I save this workbook as extract and collages without Tableau Desktop can view it via Tableau Reader.

What I need: This reporting format is heavily dependent on me and I need to automate this.

Is this even possible without Tableau Server?

Is it possible to automate updating Tableau extract for Tableau Reader?
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hi, do you have the solution for this as I have the same problem as your previous question but I failed to refresh it as I really never create a powershell/batch file before.

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  • You may not directly achieve this since Tableau Viewer can only use packaged workbooks with extracted data.

  • However, you may automate the packaging process using Tableau's command line parameters and the process will not be dependent on anyone anymore.

  • On the link below, you may check the .PDF file. Using that help document, you may create a .BAT file and get that.BAT file periodically started using Task Scheduler on your computer. 

  • The users then may open the packaged file from the network location you have saved. Or else (If all user computers have Tableau Desktop installed) you may put the file opening line at the end of the .BAT file, so the user can run the .BAT when they want to see the report.

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