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I am trying to use the AWS Command Line utility to connect to my instances on the AWS cloud.


When I try a simple command (from either local machine or EC2) such as...

aws ec2 describe-instances

I get...

Could not connect to the endpoint URL: ""

Which is fine and dandy because according to the AWS Command Line User Manual I should take note of:

The AWS CLI makes API calls to services over HTTPS. Outbound connections on TCP port 443 must be enabled in order to perform calls.

But what that is supposed to mean in the first place? I find the above statement as clear as a glass of muddy water.

1) Should I go to the 'Security Group' of my instance and set inbound rules to 'HTTPS TCP 443'? (Doesn't work)

2) Or set outbound rules and set 'HTTPS TCP 443' ? (Doesn't work)

3) Does the above statement has anything to do with the 'Security Groups'?

4) If it doesn't has to then, what should I do in my machine in order to 'enable the port 443. That being said...

5) Should I RUN the AWS Command Line utility from my local machine or from my EC2 remote server?

I'd appreciate some guidance so I can start solving my problem.

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The region is “sa-east-1” and your availability zones are “sa-east-1a” and “sa-east-1b”. So, change your “sa-east-1a” you have mentioned has your region in the endpoint URL to “sa-east-1”.

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