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We know that ElastiCache is not recommended to be accessed outside Amazon instances, so we're trying below stuff inside Amazon EC2 instances only.

We've got an ElastiCache Redis Cluster with 9 nodes. When we try to connect to it using normal redis implementation, it throws some Moved errors

None of these implementations is working. Any suggestions, please?

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This code will work:

var RedisClustr = require('redis-clustr');

var RedisClient = require('redis');

var config = require("./config.json");

var redis = new RedisClustr({

    servers: [


            host: config.redisClusterHost,

            port: config.redisClusterPort



    createClient: function (port, host) {

        // this is the default behaviour

        return RedisClient.createClient(port, host);



//connect to redis

redis.on("connect", function () {



//check the functioning

redis.set("framework", "AngularJS", function (err, reply) {

  console.log("redis.set " , reply);


redis.get("framework", function (err, reply) {

  console.log("redis.get ", reply);


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