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Hi all,

  <script type="text/javascript">

          function duedatecal(){

            var invoicedate = $(".invoicedate").val();

             var paymentterms = $(".paymentterms").html();





         <Apex:inputtext value="{!dateIn}" id="time" styleclass="invoicedate" onblur="duedatecal();"/> //say suppose date is 06/03/2013

        Payment Days:

           <apex:outputtext value="{!payment.Net__c}" styleclass="paymentterms"  /> //say suppose will get 10 days here

        Due date:

           <apex:outputtext value="{!duedate}" styleclass="duedate"/> // output shld be 16/03/2013


Whenever I change the inputtext(of Date) the duedate should be displayed accordingly by adding Date+payment Days. Help on this pls

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Try the following code to solve this problem:

function duedatecal(){

    var dmy = $(".invoicedate").val().split("/");        

    var invoicedate = new Date(

                   parseInt(dmy[2], 10),

                   parseInt(dmy[0], 10) - 1,

                   parseInt(dmy[1], 10)


    var paymentterms = $(".paymentterms").text();

    var dueDate = new Date();


    var duedates = dueDate.getDate()+"/"+(dueDate.getMonth()+1)+"/"+dueDate.getFullYear();



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