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I'm just finishing my reading of the Artificial Intelligence a modern approach 3rd, Ed. by Perter Norvig. I used this book mostly as an introduction, and to learn more about the general concept of AI. I'll soon start in a machine learning study group with one of my professors and I'd like to know if anyone knows some good books to learn more about Machine Learning (especially Neural Nets, but not just it).

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Core Textbook for ML: 

Machine Learning by Tom Mitchell, McGraw-Hill Press, 1997.

Elements of Statistical Learning

This book (there's a free PDF available on the linked webpage) is an excellent and nearly exhaustive review of the field of machine learning. I know this sounds a bit presumptuous, but it's that good.

By the way, even though the book of Norvig and Russell is very good, it provides next to nothing on machine learning. So, the PDF will be a tough read if you are not sure of your math background.

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